“Trendy” Things New Restaurant Owners Need to Scrap ASAP

Blog10 - “Trendy” Things New Restaurant Owners Need to Scrap ASAP

It seems that we really struck a nerve with our discussion about trends. So here we are, back with one more discussion about them. This time, however, we’ll be focusing on trends that need to be scrapped ASAP.

Let’s get started!

Electronic Everything

A lot of newer restaurants have electronic ordering systems. These are usually in the form of wall panels or iPads which allow diners to press a screen and order their meal. The trouble with this is that such systems tend to glitch because of internet and intranet problems.

If they do not have an IT specialist on site at every conceivable hour, they can have massive negative repercussions. After all, if the ordering system isn’t working, how are people going to place their order?

Hand Salads

If you’re not aware of what a hand salad is that’s actually pretty good. In case you were wondering, a hand salad trend is the practice of service whole leaves with the stem in a bowl. The diners are given a little sauce bowl for their salad dressing.

It’s called a ‘hand’ salad because the diners will be using their hands to pick the leaf and dip it into the dressing.

Overflowing Toast

For a while, avocado toast dominated the sphere of fancy food which was fine. Avocado is healthy and it was an interesting take on toast. The trouble with this is that a lot of restaurants took it a lot further. Now, it seemed that if your ‘toast’ wasn’t piled over with three slices of meat, with four slices of tomato, and drizzled in olive oil and some fillets of fish, you were doing it wrong.

Not only is this too much to take in but it defeats the purpose of toast as a fast snack. Much like the ‘bigger better’ trend, this one really needs to either be adjusted or scrapped altogether.

Ingredient Centric Menus

Hands up if you were there when bacon pretty much exploded and took over the collective consciousness of consumers. No? What about the red velvet craze? We had red velvet cake, cupcakes, waffles, pancakes, donuts, muffins, and pretty much everything else like Starbucks drinks.

After red velvet came Matcha. Now everything is slathered in matcha despite it not making much sense. New restaurants need to reconsider diving into the ingredient centric menus and go for a cohesive overall offering.

Food for Thought

Not all trends are good. There are those that will end up costing you more down the road when you keep doing them today. Always remember what’s at stake: your business. While trendy things can seem like a really good idea, once again, we really need to emphasize that it must be thought over quite thoroughly before choosing to forge again.

What trendy thing do you think new restaurant owners need to scrap ASAP?