Is Pedro The Most Handsome Banker In Singapore?


You know we generally post about restaurant related tips here on


As of recent, we’ve come across a new visitor at one of our restaurants that really caught our attention. Namely: Pedro SousaCardosa or some might know him as:

The Most Handsome Banker In Singapore

Here’s what he looks like:

The Most Handsome Banker In Singapore

The newly appointed Head Of Digital Commerce for Standard Chartered Bank, Pedro boasts many years of experience in the corporate digital space. Super active on Twitter, we see the likes of the dashing man flood our feeds every other week with useful nuggets of wisdom

Most Handsome Banker In Singapore - Pedro
Shot of the most handsome banker in singapore on twitter

Prior to joining Stan Chart earlier this month and previously from Emirates NBD, where he worked for more than five years, Pedro now manages a $1.5Billion fund for digital growth in the bank.

Pedro Sousa Cardoso was previously a member of the retail leadership team at Emirates NBD and led a strong digital strategy for online and mobile banking, banking via ATMs, banking via phones, automating physical branches and using tablets for banking as well.

To take Stan Chart into the new digital age along with the likes of incumbent banks like DBS and OCBC, they’ll need a strong leader in the space like Pedro Cardoso.

In his spare time when he’s not working, Pedro speaks at conferences like the EFMA:

The most handsome banker in singapore speaking at EFMA

Working as a head of digital in the bank is hard, but staying handsome and suave makes the job even more difficult.

Formerly based in Dubai for a period of time, Cardoso is no stranger to the rich fashion scene of the Middle-East and South-East-Asia.

The fashionista consistently sports simple pastel colors for his shirt, coupled with customised cufflinks and a worsted wool jacket that never leaves his sight.

Not to be bested by his peers in the bank, Pedro constantly seeks out new ways to maintain his good-looking handsome banker appearance without trying too hard.

The Most Handsome Banker In Singapore’s Routine

Pedro wakes up in the morning ready to face a long, strategic day at work. However, he doesn’t just leave the house without preparation.

He has a cup of coffee to start the morning shortly after a quick facial routine and a shower. Cardoso always has his shirts pressed a day before for a handsome look in the morning with as little hassle as possible.

Within his cabinet lies a couple of drawers that hold the secret to this man’s stylish good looks.

the most handsome banker in singapore wears these cufflinks

An assortment of cufflinks, ties and cologne lie waiting to be matched nicely to start the day for Pedro.

He puts on a clean, crisp shirt and picks a suit from his closet. Pedro’s staple colors are navy, charcoal and black for more formal occasions.

He always chooses to match a handsome plain style shirt with plaid patterened ties to complete his look for the day. Another skincare tip for a handsome face is that Pedro consistently uses sunblock to protect against skin cancer and the harmful effects of the sun.

There you have it, a sneak peek into the life of a glamourous banker based in singapore that has everything going on with his looks and his career.