Roll with the Times: Why an “Instagram Friendly” Place Gets Buzz

Blog9 - Roll with the Times: Why an “Instagram Friendly” Place Gets Buzz

Social media pretty much took the world by storm. When it comes to the dining experience, people were no longer just after the food, they were also after the photos that they could take of themselves in said restaurants.

A lot of newer restaurants are highly aware that the design of their place—from the murals to the very spoons and forks they use—all need to stand out. In the land of social media, trendy things really take a life of their own. A majority of the biggest booms in food trends is all thanks to Instagram.

Why Do They Get So Much Buzz?

People take short videos or take aesthetically pleasing photos and share it with their network. When influencers (people who have massive social media following) share the photos, they tend to go viral. In the terms of the youth, viral refers to something that spreads really fast. A viral trend can either be a good or a bad thing so you may want to make sure that your business goes viral for all the right reasons.

life - Roll with the Times: Why an “Instagram Friendly” Place Gets Buzz

Here are other reasons why they get so much buzz:


Sounds like a difficult thing but it actually isn’t. FOMO stands for “fear of missing out”. Consumers today are highly preoccupied with staying relevant especially when it comes to their social media. So when there is something that is presently viral or trending, consumers tend to visit the source of it in order to partake.

Content Backdrop

In the world of today, social media presence is everything. There are youngsters who make thousands of dollars per Instagram post. It all depends on what they’re taking a photo of. Usually, they’ll be taking photos of themselves (or have someone else do it). What is super important in such things would be the backdrop.

Instagram friendly restaurants will have eye-catching designs that are really great in photographs.

Food for Thought

While in a previous discussion we’ve discussed certain trends that were indeed odd, some trends are actually necessary. Times are always changing and the ways new patrons can be enticed are changing as well. If your restaurant is ever going to make it, you need to identify which trends are worth adhering to. In this case, the design of your place and making it ‘Instagram Friendly’ is one way to make it buzz-worthy.

Why do you think such places get a lot of buzz from consumers?