Oddest Restaurant Trends We’ve Seen in the Past 10 Years

Blog8 - Oddest Restaurant Trends We’ve Seen in the Past 10 Years

If there was anything that was permanent in this life, it would be change. Everything changes. In the food industry, this refers to the trends which restaurants and the trends that become popular. Funny thing is some of those trends can be quite odd.

For example:

Everything Big

It seems that someone got it into their heads that bigger was always better. So in the past ten years or so, we’ve seen portion sizes balloon to exaggerated proportions. Imagine a single burger that’s actually good for six people—it’s ridiculous.

There are even milkshake servings that are not longer content to just give you a glass full of creamy milkshake. Now they put a slice of cake on top of that, pour cream or chocolate over it, then add sprinkles and stab little chocolate sticks into it. Not only is it too much, it’s pretty much impossible to consume neatly.

Deconstructed Everything

Raise your hand if you’ve ever just wanted your whole meal served to you—after all, isn’t that what’s expected? Not according to recent trends. A lot of restaurants embraced the ‘deconstructed’ trend and ran away with it.

Some of our writers had personally experienced deconstructed ‘spaghetti’ which consisted of three mason jars of varying size. One had the noodles, one had the sauce, and the tiniest one had the cheese. It was coming off more like lazy rather than artsy.

weird - Oddest Restaurant Trends We’ve Seen in the Past 10 Years

Weird Serving Platters

One of the oddest yet popular trends that have surfaced in the past ten years is the propensity of restaurants to serve their food on weird platters. For example, we’ve seen pasta served on a chopping board.

The oddest one we’ve come across was cups of coffee served atop old children’s books. We certainly did not appreciate how “The Berenstain Bears” have apparently fallen that far from grace.

Rainbow Colors

In the past couple of years, people could not get enough of rainbow colors. Suddenly, they were everywhere. Rainbow bagels, rainbow croissants, even rainbow colored soup!

While the rainbow colors themselves are pretty harmless, it’s more like people have been sacrificing flavor over aesthetic. Pretty colors are fine but if the food isn’t delicious, what’s going to make people come back and patronize your business again?

Food for Thought

While trends are a great way to catch the interest of the market, it is always important to consider the sustainability of your offerings. Trends come and go for a reason. Many new restaurants have failed because they did not anticipate the speed in which people abandon trends. So before you dive head first into the latest trend of today, always consider the identity of your restaurant.

What is the core identity of your restaurant?