Buffet or Plated: Simple Virtues of Each Type of Offerings for Guests

A common conundrum for a lot of newer restaurants is to consider what sort of offerings they should have and how it should be presented. Commonly, the question is: buffet or plated? This is what we wanted to explore with today’s discussion.

What is a buffet?

Buffet is not anything new. In the strictest definition, a buffet refers to a line up of different fares wherein the diner can choose their portion size and they are also free to choose which offering they are going to go for or pass over.

So why are buffets great? Here are a few reasons:

food3 - Buffet or Plated: Simple Virtues of Each Type of Offerings for Guests

Freedom of Choice

The diner gets to completely control what they choose to get. Buffets will normally have several options for appetizers, main course, sides, and even the desert. So the diner will have the absolute freedom to choose which ones (or all) they want to try out.

Portion Size

The diners get to choose how much they put upon their plates. While it is possible that there are attendants to keep track of how much of a certain offering is still left, they generally do not interfere with how much a guest puts on their plate.

What is a plated meal?

A plated meal is usually the choice for sit down restaurants. They’re best for food places that have plated offers have some very real benefits like:

food4 - Buffet or Plated: Simple Virtues of Each Type of Offerings for Guests


When the meal is given directly to the diner, the restaurant can spend a little time with the presentation of the meal. In today’s world this is important since a lot of diners like to take photos of their meals before they eat it. This can mean extra buzz for you and your business.

Controlled Portions

For restaurants that are on the healthy side of the spectrum, plated meals can mean that you also control how much is being produced. This can really help to keep track of how much ingredients are needed on a daily basis so it can really help accounting purposes.

Food for Thought

Each has its pros and drawbacks so it’s important to explore which one works best for you and your business. When you are running a food business, it is important to consider when you can be flexible and when to stick to your guns. Always go for which is appropriate for the size of your venue and the overall cost of operation.

Which would be more inclined to try out in your own restaurant?