Which Educational Fields Are Useful In the Restaurant Biz?

Blog3 - Which Educational Fields Are Useful In the Restaurant Biz?

Back in the day, people often thought that a restaurant business starts and ends with the chef—after all, they make the food. However, people have come to realize that this is hardly the case now. A restaurant is comprised of several people with their own fields of specialty.

Today, we wanted to discuss some of the different educational fields which are pretty useful in the restaurant business. It just so happens that this was something that was asked of us around a week ago so it’s all timely! Here are a few educational fields that really come in handy:

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In order for a restaurant to remain above water, their books need to be airtight. A restaurant has to find a good balance between costs of operation versus the profits that they bring in. Since running a restaurant can be pretty hectic, it can be quite easy to lose sight of the finances—if there isn’t anyone dedicated to keeping up with the accounting.

Business Management

Those that aim to establish more than one restaurant or any food business will do well to study up business management. At the very core, a restaurant is a business and will need someone who knows the ropes in order to keep it going. This will require knowledge about permits, securing better deals in terms of ingredients and suppliers.

Marketing and Advertising

Restaurants that do not have people who are savvy with marketing and advertising often have difficulty breaking into the industry. Those with marketing and advertising degrees are highly useful in the restaurant industry. Those that handle the marketing and advertising help to bring in diners.

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Of course any restaurant will need cook cooks and highly trained chefs in order to set the establishment apart from everyone else. No matter what the gimmick or theme of the restaurant, if the food isn’t good, it will not survive. While marketers bring the people in, it is the chefs and their creations that will make sure that they will keep coming back.

Food for Thought

A restaurant can be compared to the human body. There are different parts that do different things but they are all necessary to ensure that the whole works. For those that are interested in joining the restaurant business one day—regardless of what part they play—we hope that today’s discussion was illuminating.

What particular educational field do you think would be highly useful in the restaurant biz?