Back to Basics: What People Have Always Expected From Restaurants

BLog11 - Back to Basics: What People Have Always Expected From Restaurants

People like to eat. They always have and they probably always will. A lot of people make their plans surrounding what they want to eat next. This is one of the reasons why the restaurant industry survives and thrives. While food trends come and go, people still find their way to different restaurants. Let’s explore just why that is.

Consumers can be quite fickle at times but at the end of the day, they all still want the same things from restaurants that they go to.

Good Food

This is, quite frankly, the most basic expectation that all people have for the restaurants that they visit. They are, after all, paying for the food so they do expect it to be delicious. There are people out there that actually make a living out of trying out different restaurants just to tell people if the food was delicious or not.

food5 - Back to Basics: What People Have Always Expected From Restaurants

Food bloggers—the really good ones—cannot be paid nor bought. So if your food isn’t good and they write about it, you can expect your business to suffer shortly after. Consistency is the key when it comes to flavor. It always has been.

Good Ambiance

Restaurants have always had the potential to be a ‘special’ place for a diner. Depending on the ambiance, the type of memories that people can build can help establish their fondness for your establishment.

If the ambient music is too loud, conversation cannot be had. If there is no music at all, it can get pretty awkward since voices carry over. If the seating and lighting aren’t good, diners can’t be comfortable. If they aren’t comfortable, how are they expected to enjoy the food?

Good Service

People pay good money to eat in restaurants. This is money that they worked hard for and it is not easy to come by. So they expect to at least have good service when they come in. Starting from the person who greets them to the person that serves the table, people expect respect and friendliness.

service - Back to Basics: What People Have Always Expected From Restaurants

If your business cannot provide this for them, you can expect a lot of ranting going on in social media. Always remember that a bad server and a nasty tantrum can land your establishment in the negative side of viral social media.

Food for Thought

While fickle, consumers are generally easy to deal with. If you serve them good food, give them a place they can enjoy, and treat them well enough, you’ll have a pretty loyal customer base for your restaurant. Never losing sight of these basic things is a sure way to keep your offerings competitive and something that consumers can look forward to.

What other things do you think people have always expected from restaurants?